The Beginning of the Living On A Boat Journey

Ever since I left the corporate world, I’ve had a desire to live a simpler life. I began to understand the income-expenses relationship we all play. If our income increases, our expenses find a way of magically increasing to fill the gap. If our expenses increase beyond our income level, we add stress to our lives while trying to find a way to increase our income to maintain this level of lifestyle. Since stress is the #1 cause of all illness, I have no interest in saturating myself with it anymore.

Out of the two aspects of the income-expenses relationship, the one that we can control the most are the expenses. This makes the expenses far more important to me and has inspired me to search for inexpensive ways of living. While I have found a number of ways to live with minimal expenses, in this blog category, I will be focusing on my journey towards living on a boat. Other than the potential to live a life with very low expenses, what I also find attractive is having the freedom to explore the world any time I choose while leaving only a tiny environmental footprint behind in my wake.

This concept is still new to me and I want to share each step of my journey with the world. I hope the information I end up sharing and the insights that I will have on the subject will prove useful.

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