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Welcome to the Major Designs community!

We want to create a culture of health and wealth that is unique.

Here is a list of projects that we are currently working on:

Turn Your Smartphone Into An Asset
We will be providing honest reviews of multiple smartphone income sources while providing proof of payments and up to date earnings.

We will be sharing some practical healthy recipes for you to try at home.

This will be our attempt at sharing our ideas and the ideas of others with the community.

Retirement Calculator
We will be building this calculator from scratch to show the world how much money they actually need to retire and how they can retire early.

Renovation Quote Calculator
This web app will allow its users to generate an estimate for upcoming renovation projects.

Board Game Price Finder
This app will provide the user with all of the current prices of a desired board game. This was inspired by my friend's boardgame obsession.

The Settlers Online Price List and Calculator
An app that provides current prices for items in the online game, as well as, calculations.

Cost of Living Calculator
A complex calculator that will provide unique cost of living results for the cities of the world.

Our Renovations Portfolio
A portfolio showing off our renovations projects. Remind us to take more pictures.

Coding Portfolio

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